I have had the great privilege of working with two online platforms, Pause at Home and Journey Into, to bring on demand content in different formats, in addition to creating my own content here on my website. Enjoy!


I am thrilled to share my own online content. These classes are free with the option to make a donation if you are able to do so. All proceeds will be going to organisations supporting the farmers protests in India. India’s influence on me personally, and the world is undeniable. We have a lot to be thankful for from our Indian brothers and sisters. As yoga has given me so much, I will forever be looking to this great country in support and admiration.

Donations can be made here.

Anti-Desk Yoga Flow, 30 Mins

A short 30 minute flow that can be taken during your lunch break or after work to de-stress the body and mind. This flow works on relieving neck, upper back and hip tension.

Props required: Have a yoga brick handy! (A thick hardback book or a water bottle, will also do!)

Morning Flow, 40 mins

Wake up the body with this morning flow. This class eases our body and mind into the practice, moving gently to awaken the body from the night’s rest. Eventually moving into asanas that stretch and strengthen the body, including twists and balances.

Props required: Yoga brick and blanket

Restorative Reset, 30 mins

This 30 minute restorative yoga sequence is designed to ground, reset and restore. Expect to leave feeling relaxed and an awakened sense of clarity.

Props required: Bolster (two bed pillows/sofa seat work well as a substitute), cushions, and blanket

Love Meditation, 15 mins

A meditation to connect to the infinite love in your heart, and sharing it with all. Expect to leave feeling a sense of confidence and peace.

Props required: Blanket and cushion


Through Pause at Home, I have a created a range of ‘How to’ tutorials, in addition to Beginner courses and various vinyasa classes. Additionally, there are classes from other yoga teachers, as well as pilates, barre, body conditioning and pre & post natal classes. Pause at Home is the online platform for a studio that is close to my heart (and my home!) in Leyton.

journey into

Journey Into hosts digital content from your yoga teacher. You already know what you’re after, and you know the teaching style and cues of your teacher. I upload audio files of my live classes through Journey Into, so you can practice at home as if you were in a live class. Journey Into was created by a yoga teacher, for yoga teachers. This is a special platform with a different approach to the online content space of yoga.


Lydiana is a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner based in Leyton & Leytonstone, London. She specialises in Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Prenatal Yoga. She teaches corporate, private and public classes.